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How to Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement can be a life changing procedure that helps you regain full function of your knee and resume a pain free life. While the skill and experience of your knee surgeon are critical to the outcome you achieve, your actions will also play a significant role in your ability to make a full recovery. The better prepared you are for your knee replacement surgery, the smoother your recovery will go.

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, our knee surgeons will provide you with detailed information regarding how to prepare for knee replacement. The following discussion will help you understand the basics of the preparation work you need to do to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Preparing Your Home Prior to Knee Replacement

In order to achieve the best possible surgical outcome, it’s critical to follow your surgeon’s and physical therapist’s instructions at home during the first few weeks of recovery. Preparing your home to avoid falls is an important and necessary part of planning for your recovery, as a fall during the first few weeks after knee replacement can damage your new joint and may result in the need for further surgery.

Making the following changes to your home will make it safer and easier to navigate:

Preparing Your Body for Knee Replacement

preparing your body for knee replacement It’s important to get yourself physically ready for surgery. Engage in exercises that have limited joint stress, but allow you to exert yourself. Good exercises to prepare your body for knee replacement and improve your recovery time include:

If you have any cardiac conditions, you should get clearance from your doctor before engaging in these exercises.


At your pre-operative appointment, we’ll discuss the need to bring any specialty medications to your surgery. These include specialty medications that we don’t carry in our hospital pharmacy. Please bring these medications with you in the original containers on the morning of your surgery. Make sure to fill out the medications record log we provide for you prior to your pre-operative visit.

Complete All Necessary Dental Procedures Before Surgery

The likelihood of infection after knee replacement surgery is very low, but an infection may occur if bacteria enter your bloodstream. To reduce the risk of infection, major dental procedures, such as tooth extractions and periodontal work, should be completed before your knee replacement procedure.

After surgery, it’s recommended that you receive a dose of prophylactic antibiotics one hour prior to any dental procedure. In addition, avoid dental work for at least three months after surgery unless it is an emergency. Please discuss these considerations with both your dentist and your primary care physician for your future healthcare planning.

Skin Prep Prior to Surgery

You’ll be provided with surgical soap and scrub brushes during your pre-operative appointment. Shower with the surgery soap for three consecutive days prior to your procedure. You are welcome to shower the morning of surgery; however, our team will prep your skin an additional two times prior to surgery.

Checklist of Items to Arrange Prior to Surgery

arrange for a ride home after knee replacement Make sure to take care of the following preparations prior to your knee replacement procedure:

Day of Surgery

Please leave all valuables at home, including jewelry. Pack a small overnight bag with the following:

In addition, make sure to bring the crutches or walker that you’ll use at home during your recovery.

Additional Knee Replacement Resources

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we want you to have all the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your health and orthopedic treatment. We recommend reading some of the following posts on our blog to learn more about knee replacement surgery:

Raising the Bar for Knee Replacement Surgery on the Western Slope

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics is committed to providing the exceptional medical care you deserve. Our board-certified, fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons have extensive experience performing joint replacement surgeries, and knee replacement procedures are a primary focus of Dr. Kevin Borchard’s practice.

Dr. Borchard uses the latest techniques and the most advanced technology for your procedure, including the Mako Robotic-Arm Surgery System, in order to achieve unparalleled levels of customization and precision. Dr. Borchard’s specialization in knee surgery, along with his use of the Mako Robotic-Arm technology, allows him to consistently achieve surgical outcomes that exceed industry standards.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Colorado Advanced Orthopedics serves patients in Meeker and throughout the Western Slope.

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