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Staying Fit After Knee Replacement Surgery

For many people, knee replacement surgery is a critical step to restoring a pain-free life and regaining the full function of your knee joint. This can be a life-changing procedure that leads you along a path toward a healthier lifestyle. Once you fully recover, you should be able to resume many of the physical activities that had become too painful to enjoy prior to knee replacement.

Your new prosthetic knee joint is designed to function just like a natural knee, and it should withstand significant levels of physical activity. Despite this reality, many knee replacement patients struggle to stay fit after recovering from surgery. One of the telltale signs of this is the propensity for weight gain after knee replacement surgery. According to a study published in the University of Delaware journal “Osteoarthritis & Cartilage,” 66% of knee replacement patients are about 15 pounds heavier two years after surgery.

When you fail to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight after your procedure, it places extra strain on your new knee joint, increasing the chances of reinjury or premature damage to your prosthetic joint. For this reason, it’s crucial that you maintain an active lifestyle and stay fit after knee replacement surgery.

Post-Knee Replacement Fitness Tips

You should always follow the recommendations of your knee surgeon and your physical therapy team regarding the types of activities you can participate in and the intensity with which you can engage in physical exercise. But there are also some general tips you can follow that will help you stay active without placing stress on your new knee:

Best Exercises to Stay Fit After Knee Replacement

You have many options when staying active after knee replacement. While it’s best to mix up your routine, choosing activities you enjoy is essential.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are great to include in your routine, as they help maintain proper knee strength and function while boosting cardiovascular health. The following aerobic activities are great after knee replacement:

Strength and Flexibility Exercises

As we discussed earlier, strength and flexibility exercises are important to your fitness regimen after knee replacement. The following activities will deliver these essential benefits:

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities can be a great source of exercise. If you participated in any of the following activities before knee replacement, you could resume them once cleared to do so by your knee surgeon:

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics Can Help

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics is the premier orthopedic clinic on the Western Slope. Dr. Kevin Borchard is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in knee reconstruction. He consistently delivers knee replacement outcomes that far exceed industry standards, allowing you to get back to living the life you love as soon as possible.

We also have an in-house physical therapy team to assist with your rehab after knee replacement. Working with our physical therapists provides the benefit of greater collaboration with Dr. Borchard. This ensures your surgical and physical therapy teams are aligned on your treatment plan, allowing you to experience the best possible outcome.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Colorado Advanced Orthopedics serves patients in Meeker and throughout the White River Valley.

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