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When Should I Have My Knee Replaced?

Knee replacement surgery is a common procedure that can give you a new lease on life. Each year over 600,000 Americans opt for knee replacement to eliminate chronic pain and restore proper joint function. However, it’s important to understand that knee replacement is major surgery that involves a lengthy recovery and is associated with some risks. Therefore, it’s understandable to put careful thought into the timing of your procedure.

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we will always explore more minimally invasive treatments before recommending knee replacement surgery. Our recommendations are always based on diagnostic imaging that provides a clear, accurate assessment of the damage to your knee. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of knee replacement with you to ensure you have the tools necessary to make a fully informed decision on your treatment options.

Have You Explored More Conservative Treatment Options?

Often, surgery can be delayed by trying less invasive, conservative treatment methods to help alleviate your pain and improve your knee function. These include:

If you haven’t explored these solutions yet, then knee replacement surgery may be a bit premature.

8 Signs That It’s Time for Knee Replacement

illustration of a knee replacement procedureThe following signs may indicate that it’s the right time to consider knee replacement:

6 Signs You May Not Be Ready for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is major surgery and you’ll need to be diligent in following all rehab treatment. While the results of knee replacement can be life changing, it’s always best to delay the surgery until you truly need it. The following signs may be an indication that you’re not ready for knee replacement surgery yet:

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics Can Help

The decision to undergo knee replacement surgery is very personal and depends on the unique circumstances associated with your knee issues. There are many complex factors that must be evaluated when determining the best time for surgery. At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, our fellowship trained surgeons can help guide you through this process so that you can make a fully informed decision.

Our team of caring physicians strives to deliver an amazing patient experience at all times – from your initial visit through your postoperative care. Our orthopedic surgeons will use the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment to understand the causes of your knee pain, and we’ll recommend a customized treatment plan to deliver your desired outcome. If surgery is warranted, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re being treated by some of the finest, highly-trained orthopedic surgeons on the Western Slope. We can help you restore a pain free life.

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