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Highly Trained and Experienced Team

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we offer comprehensive services to address a wide range of injuries. We have the most highly trained and experienced team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons along the Western Slope. Our surgeons use the latest techniques and most advanced technology to ensure you receive the exceptional treatment necessary to relieve your pain and restore full function to the injured region. Our team is dedicated to providing an amazing experience that will help you resume all of your favorite activities and live the life you love.

Hip Replacement Surgery

During hip replacement surgery, our surgeons will remove any damaged portions of your hip and replace your body’s natural joint with an artificial implant. Hip replacement is a common procedure that experiences a very high success rate. Over 95% of patients report significant relief after surgery.

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons perform total hip replacement using the Direct Superior Approach. This technique reduces your recovery time and is accompanied by no post-surgical restrictions on motion.

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Damage to your knee can result in chronic pain and significant impairment of joint function. Our surgeons perform knee replacement to remove any damage to the joint and replace it with an artificial prosthetic knee implant. Knee replacement has a very high success rate, allowing over 90% of patients to experience significant reduction in pain and improved knee function.

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we perform total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and bi-lateral knee replacement. Our surgeons will recommend the right option to address your specific condition.

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery is a highly effective way to relieve shoulder pain and restore proper function to the joint. During the procedure, any damaged portions of your shoulder will be removed and replaced with an artificial implant. Roughly 95% of individuals report full restoration of function and alleviation of all pain within a year of undergoing surgery.

Our surgeons perform total shoulder replacement, partial shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement. During your initial consultation, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan to address your specific shoulder issues.

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Knee and Hip Revision Surgery

As with all medical devices, artificial joint implants aren’t intended to last forever. At some point, they may wear out and need to be replaced. At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we perform knee and hip revision surgery to relieve pain and restore proper function in the event that your implant wears out or you experience a complication after your initial procedure.

Revision procedures are typically more complex than your initial hip or knee replacement procedure and as a result, it’s crucial that you have your revision surgery performed by a highly skilled and experienced board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Borchard specializes in revision surgery and has an excellent track record of success with these procedures.

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Sports Medicine

Many people choose to live in the White River Valley to enjoy the countless outdoor activities made possible as part of a mountain lifestyle. While skiing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing can be exhilarating and rewarding, they are also dangerous sports. It should come as no surprise that sports injuries are a common occurrence in this part of Colorado.

Fortunately, you have access to the best treatment available. Colorado Advanced Orthopedics is the premier sports medicine provider throughout the entire Western Slope. Individuals come from all over Western Colorado to ensure they receive the exceptional treatment necessary to restore proper function after a sports-related injury. Our orthopedic surgeons can treat a wide range of sports injuries, helping you resume your favorite activities at peak levels in no time.

Sports Medicine

Spine Surgery

Back pain can be extremely debilitating, impacting your ability to perform many routine daily activities. If you’ve been struggling with chronic back pain and haven’t experienced relief from more conservative treatment options, surgery may be necessary to alleviate your pain and restore a proper quality of life.

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we offer a wide range of spine surgery procedures to address just about any back or neck issue you may experience. Our surgeons are highly experienced in both traditional and minimally invasive surgical solutions, and they will recommend the ideal treatment plan to help alleviate your back pain.

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Ultrasound Treatments

Ultrasound technology provides our surgeons with a highly effective tool for diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions. We use the latest ultrasound technology to ensure we have the most detailed imaging available, allowing our team to provide the exceptional results you deserve.

We offer:

Hand, Wrist and Elbow Surgery

Hand, wrist and elbow injuries are often extremely painful, making it challenging to perform routine daily activities. At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, we offer a wide range of hand, wrist and elbow surgery procedures to address to address any injury or ailment you may be experiencing. We can perform surgery to address issues caused by:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Tendon or ligament tears
  • Nerve issues
  • Overuse injuries such as tendonitis
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Helping You Experience Life’s Joys

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, our purpose is to make people feel cared for. This drives everything we do, and it pushes us to deliver the highest quality medical treatment available. When you work with our team, you can count on an amazing experience from your initial visit through all follow-up care.

With some of the finest board-certified orthopedic surgeons on the Western Slope, you’ll receive the same exceptional treatment that is typically only possible in urban locations along the Front Range. Each of our surgeons have specialized in different areas, ensuring we have the ability to treat just about any orthopedic condition you may have. Experience the difference that is possible when you receive care from the best surgeons in the region. The entire team at Colorado Advanced Orthopedics is committed to providing the exceptional care you deserve, and we look forward to helping you celebrate life’s joys for many years to come.

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