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When Do I Need Physical Therapy After a Sports Injury?

Physical therapy is often an important part of the recovery process after a sports injury. While not every injury requires physical therapy, there are many circumstances when it will be required to restore the health, strength and function of the injured region.

The best way to determine whether you need physical therapy is to be evaluated by a sports injury doctor. Our doctors will consider the type and severity of the injury, your overall health and how long ago the injury occurred when identifying the right treatment plan.


In general, the following injuries will typically benefit from physical therapy:

Physical therapy also plays a critical role in recovery and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, including joint replacement procedures.

Why Is Physical Therapy Important After a Sports Injury?

Physical therapy plays an important role in helping your body heal fully and properly after a sports injury. It can help:

In addition, undergoing physical therapy after a sports injury provides a variety of benefits, including:

When Should I Start Physical Therapy After a Sports Injury?

In most instances, it’s best to start physical therapy as soon as it’s safe to do so following your sports injury. The sooner you start physical therapy, the more likely you are to speed up your recovery and reap the other benefits discussed above.

Our sports medicine doctors will determine the ideal start time for physical therapy based on the nature and severity of your injury. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, physical therapy may potentially be safe to start within a few days.

Delaying treatment once it is safe to begin can potentially make symptoms worse. As a result, it may be more challenging, and sometimes even more expensive, to treat your sports injury. In some instances, you may experience permanent complications when you delay or refuse to undergo physical therapy.

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics Can Help Restore a Pain Free Life

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics provides the comprehensive treatment options you need to make a full recovery and restore a pain free life after a sports injury. We offer the most advanced sports medicine treatments along the Western Slope. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons are fellowship trained in advanced joint care and achieve surgical outcomes which exceed industry standards. In addition, our surgeons are supported by a team of sports medicine doctors who perform minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatments in situations where surgery is not necessary.

You’ll also benefit from working with our in-house physical therapy team. Our physical therapists have extensive training in the latest and most advanced techniques, and we offer a wide range of therapeutic treatment solutions to ensure your care plan is customized to address your specific goals.

By working with our sports medicine and physical therapy teams, you’ll benefit from improved collaboration and coordination between your doctors and your physical therapists. This ensures all of your care providers will be fully aligned regarding your treatment goals and plan, allowing you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Colorado Advanced Orthopedics serves patients in Meeker and throughout the White River Valley.

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