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Stretching Routines that Prevent Injuries

Stretching is an important part of your everyday routine. Not only will it increase your flexibility, but it will also reduce your risk of developing an injury when you engage in athletic activities.

The following stretches are recommended by our physical therapy team to keep your body limber and in good condition so that you can avoid injuries. Keep in mind that stretching isn’t supposed to be painful. You should feel a small pull in the target area, but don’t push yourself to the point of pain, as this could potentially result in an injury.

Sitting Hamstring Stretch

sitting hamstring stretch to prevent sports injuries This provides an excellent stretch for your lower back and hamstrings.

Lunge with Quad Stretch

lunge with quad stretch to prevent sports injuries Lunges are a great way to strengthen your quads and glutes, but they can also be used as an effective way to stretch these muscles. This particular stretch focuses on your quads and hip flexors, and it can benefit just about anyone. However, it is especially effective for runners.

Lunge with Side Stretch

lunge with side stretch to prevent sports injuries This variation of a lunge stretch targets your hip flexors, obliques and quads.

Overhead Tricep Stretch

overhead tricep stretch to prevent sports injuries While the first three stretches focus on your lower body, this one targets your lats and triceps. It’s a great stretch for anyone who works with their arms a lot, as it relieves tension and stress in these muscle groups.

Downward Dog Stretch

downward dog stretch to prevent sports injuries This classic yoga pose provides a great full body stretch that targets your calves, shoulders, arms and core, while simultaneously relieving any tension in your back.

Cobra Stretch

cobra stretch to prevent sports injuries Another classic yoga pose that will provide a great stretch for your core and lower back. Make sure you listen to your body when performing this stretch – only hold it for as long as you feel comfortable. Holding for too long or using incorrect form can potentially result in injury.

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics Can Help

At Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, our in-house physical therapy team is always available to help you live a healthier life. We can schedule a session where one of our physical therapists shows you the proper form for these stretches to ensure you perform them properly.

In the event of an injury, our physical therapists can provide treatment to help alleviate your pain and speed up your recovery. Often, physical therapy is a very effective first treatment option that can provide you with the strength and conditioning necessary to restore a pain free life without the need for invasive surgery.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Colorado Advanced Orthopedics serves patients in Meeker and throughout the White River Valley.

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