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Schedule Your Winter Orthopedic Surgery Now

When planning your orthopedic surgery, it’s important to consider the timing of your procedure. In some instances involving extremely serious injuries, surgery may be required right away. However, most orthopedic procedures aren’t urgent to complete at the first possible moment. Ideally, you don’t want to delay surgery for too long since this will extend the length of time before you’re able to resume a pain free life and enjoy your favorite activities once again. But you typically have the ability to be strategic about the timing of your procedure so that it fits into your life at an ideal time.

With some of the most highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons in the area, Colorado Advanced Orthopedics has become the go-to clinic for many individuals along the Western Slope who need surgery. As a result, we’re typically booked up several months in advance.

For a variety of reasons, winter is often the best time to undergo orthopedic surgery. Whether you need knee replacement, spine surgery, hip replacement, or just about any other orthopedic procedure, scheduling surgery for the winter months will offer you a variety of benefits. Colorado Advanced Orthopedics is currently booking into February so if you wait too long to schedule your procedure, you’ll miss this ideal window to undergo surgery.

4 Reasons Winter Is the Ideal Time for Orthopedic Surgery

When considering the timing of your orthopedic surgery, there are many benefits to having it performed in the winter. Some are financial, others impact healing, while others are more lifestyle-focused.

Financial Benefits – Max Out Your Insurance Deductible Early in the Year

orthopedic surgery during winter Undergoing orthopedic surgery early in the year offers significant financial benefits. In most instances, orthopedic surgery will cost more than your annual insurance deductible. By having your surgery in the winter, you can max out your deductible early in the year, giving you more time to reap these financial benefits for other important treatments.

If you’ve been putting off certain elective treatments due to cost, you’ll have a great opportunity to get all of them done throughout the year at no cost to you once your deductible has been met. Having surgery and meeting your deductible early in the year also means that you should be able to complete all your rehab treatment before your deductible resets, saving you money on your rehab.

Healing Benefits – Reduce Healing and Recovery Time

You rarely go out with uncovered skin during the cold winter weather. The layers you’re wearing do much more than keep you warm – they also protect your surgical incisions from sun exposure. This will help these incisions heal more quickly since sun exposure can negatively impact healing.

Lifestyle Benefits – Be Fully Healed by Summer to Enjoy Your Favorite Activities

Unless you’re a hard core winter sport enthusiast, getting surgery during this time of year will allow you to time your procedure during the offseason for your favorite activities. Since one of the primary goals of orthopedic surgery is to help restore your ability to enjoy your favorite activities, it makes sense to time your procedure in a way that avoids having to miss your peak season.

For most people, winter surgery will provide sufficient time to heal before the weather gets warm, ensuring you’ll be ready to participate in summer outdoor activities. Why miss a season of your favorite sports if you don’t have to? Getting your surgery done during the offseason maximizes your ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

Book Your Surgery Now

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics is currently booking into February. If you don’t book your procedure soon, you won’t be able to capitalize on all the benefits associated with winter orthopedic surgery. Whether you live in the White River Valley or are traveling to us as an out-of-town patient, our team is here to help ensure your experience is first rate every step of the way.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment. Colorado Advanced Orthopedics serves patients in Meeker and throughout the White River Valley.

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