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How Do I Know if I Need Spine Surgery?

If you’re experiencing severe back pain, you’re not alone. Chronic back pain is one of the most common issues impacting Americans, and our orthopedic surgeons regularly see patients suffering from this ailment.

When back issues force you to live with severe pain for an extended period of time, you may start wondering whether spine surgery is the right treatment solution. While this is a decision that should be made after consulting with our orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. J. Alex Sielatycki.  It’s important to understand the types of situations where surgery is more likely to provide the relief you seek.

Spine Surgery Is Usually a Last Resort

In most instances, you can achieve relief from back pain with more conservative treatment methods. While there are some injuries which may require emergency spine surgery right away, Dr.  Sielatycki will generally recommend exhausting other solutions first. These may include:

Common Situations Which May Require Spine Surgery

spine surgeon If none of the conservative treatments listed above have provided the relief you seek, surgery may be necessary if you experience one of the following conditions:

How Long Should I Wait Before Moving Forward with Spine Surgery?

There’s no hard and fast rule regarding how soon to move forward with surgery. This is a decision that you should make jointly with Dr.  Sielatycki. That being said, in most cases there is no reason to rush back surgery. If you have a degenerative condition that is slowly becoming more painful, it’s often best to wait a little while to give other treatments more time to facilitate proper healing.

However, there are some situations where our providers may recommend spine surgery much sooner. If you experience severe, unrelenting pain, serious neurological symptoms, or have suffered a spinal cord injury, undergoing surgery more quickly may be the best option for you. Dr.  Sielatycki will carefully evaluate your symptoms and the nature of your injury to determine the right time to consider surgery.

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