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Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Elective Surgery?

Our doors are open!

Elective Surgeries Continue at Colorado Advanced Orthopedics.


If your elective orthopedic surgery has been delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19, our fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons are ready to help you get back to the life you love!

Colorado Advanced Orthopedics continues to perform elective surgeries. We have established special process changes for patients whose surgeries have been affected by COVID-19, which includes the delay or cancelling of their orthopedic surgery. Our modified processes are available to patients living 200 miles or more from Meeker, Colorado.


How do I get started?

  1. You may call us directly (970) 878-9752 to schedule an appointment or fill out the Contact Us form below and a member of our team will reach out to you.
    • Please be sure to mention that you are a patient living out of our region and your elective surgery has been affected by COVID-19. 
  2. Next, we will see you in-person for a special consultation.
    • Your consultation will also serve as a pre-op appointment, which means we would complete imaging, patient education and surgery consent all in the same appointment.
  3. You will travel to Meeker, Colorado for your surgery at Pioneers Medical Center. All total joint replacements will stay at least one night.

Two Week Post-Op

  1. For your two-week post-op follow up appointment, we will allow your Primary Care doctor to see you and remove sutures. We request that your Primary Care doctor send images of the wound to the surgeon and your provider follows up with the doctors at Colorado Advanced Orthopedic.

Six Week Post-Op

  1. We will need to see you in-person, six weeks from your surgery. At this time we will obtain imaging and at this time, most patients are generally cleared.


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